Paramedic micropigmentation and oncological micropigmentation courses at Omicroart

At Omicroart we want to share with other professionals the opportunity not only to learn through our professional courses, but also to bring paramedical micropigmentation and oncological micropigmentation as solutions for those women who are looking for alternatives to improve their quality of life and mental health.

We can teach all the secrets you need to know so that your patients can overcome the trauma that these scars have left them and erase that emotional imprint that in some cases, has brought them so much pain.

In this article we present our paramedic micropigmentation and oncological micropigmentation courses, and how we manage to develop practical skills and knowledge in a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

You will learn to identify, evaluate and apply various types of treatments to eliminate scars and other skin irregularities through paramedical micropigmentation and oncological micropigmentation.

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Syllabus of paramedical and oncological micropigmentation courses

Being experts, our students will be able to know in-depth everything about the study of the skin, the healing processes and techniques and processes of tattooing and micropigmentation in this type of patients.

We include complete classes in pigmentology and colorimetry, to apply color appropriately.

In addition to being able to understand the appropriate diagnosis based on the type of scar, its functional and emotional impact, and thus choose the most appropriate treatment.

1. Paramedic micropigmentation agenda

Our Masterclass in Paramedic Micropigmentation will help you develop skills in the comprehensive treatment of scars and scientifically based techniques to correct them safely and with the best results.

Some of the applications of paramedic micropigmentation are: camouflage of scars (facial, body, hypochromic or hyperchromatic spots, stretch marks, vitiligo, burns), harmonization of cleft lip and chromatic differences in the skin, optical correction of asymmetries and even syndrome from Poland.

One of the most treated scars today are those resulting from breast surgery. The scars around the areola and the so-called inverted T. In some cases they may even require total areolar reconstruction, since undergoing breast lift or reduction surgery carries a high risk of loss of the areolas and nipple.

We seek to train experts in one of the most profitable and in-demand professions of the future: Paramedic Micropigmentation.

  Paramedic micropigmentation is a profession with a lot of projection. We all have some scar that traumatizes us.

Our Master in Paramedic Micropigmentation will provide you with skills in mastering exclusive techniques to comprehensively treat all types of scars and applications of this specialty: periareolar, post facelift, abdominoplasties, etc.

How are we different?

  • Practices in the comprehensive treatment of scars.
  • Practices on models with facial and body scars, especially scars around the areola.
  • Scar formation from common, white and normotrophic scars to dark and complicated hypertrophic scars.

At Omicroart we are unique in treating dark scars through micropigmentation with surprisingly natural results.

Characteristics of paramedical and oncological micropigmentation courses

We have designed a study model that focuses not only on theory, but also on the practice of everything learned, ensuring efficient and highest quality results.

Our paramedical and oncological micropigmentation courses offer the following characteristics:

  • Blended classes.
  • Highly technical training, seeking academic excellence.
  • Personalized training spaces, with spaces limited to a maximum of four students.
  • Certificate that endorses not only the attendance, but also the acquired skills.
  • Assistance and accommodation service for students residing outside of Barcelona.

How to register for the courses?

Whether to register for the paramedic micropigmentation or oncological micropigmentation course, it will only be necessary to  fill out the registration form to contact you and evaluate your professional objectives, to finally organize the classes, start date and duration of the training.

To complement this training, you will have the opportunity to:

  • You will obtain and/or enhance new skills.
  • Carry out practices with real patients.
  • We help you lose your fear of certain patient treatments.
  • You will learn to define the best treatment and choose the best tools.
  • You will achieve the best results: without pain for your patients and without the application of local anesthetics.
  • You will receive marketing advice so you can start and grow your own business.

At Omicroart we are committed to training the great professionals of tomorrow and we want you to be one of them.

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2. Oncological micropigmentation agenda

The Masterclass in Oncological Micropigmentation trains people interested in this exclusive method for the reconstruction of different types of areolas: common, protuberant and inverted.

You will also be able to learn and practice all the strokes and techniques applicable to each case, the entire process of approaching the patient and tools necessary for treatment.

  • How are we different?Hyperrealistic drawing practices from the hand of an artist
  • Ability to recreate a real nipple and not a drawing pattern. Most mastectomies are on a single breast, so you must learn to recreate and match the result of your areola tattoo with the same color, volume and shape as the patient’s healthy areola.

Oncological, aesthetic and medical interventions are increasing.

Every woman is unique and so is each nipple.

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