Paramedical Micropigmentation

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Camouflage of facial and body scars

We are pioneers in the technique of scar camouflage and repair tattooing. We know how important it is for you to be able to camouflage a scar.

Paramedical micropigmentation is a non-invasive solution that helps to cover facial or body aesthetic needs that cannot be covered by surgery. We listen to your needs and apply all our knowledge and experience to conceal and correct facial and body scars.


At Omicroart we are experts in camouflaging, reconstructing, correcting and beautifying damaged areas due to trauma or surgical interventions.

We are specialists in the treatment of facial or body scars, hypertrophic or atrophic, whitish, irregular or depigmented,

We take care of you.

Optical reconstruction of areas damaged by pathologies, accidents or post-surgical complications

We use the most advanced technology, we improve and redefine contours with multiple irregularities, in lips due to recent pathologies, eyebrows and eyelashes due to accidents, post-surgical complications or genetic and dermatological pathologies.

Areola reconstruction and tattoo

One of the most common cases are scars on the areolas due to complications caused by haematomas or infections after cosmetic breast surgery, which can lead to tissue necrosis, loss of colour and even, in the worst cases, the total or partial loss of the areolas, with hypertrophic scars that blur their shape and create large asymmetries between them.

What surgical procedures produce scars on the breasts?

With paramedical micropigmentation we can restore their appearance, recreating their shape, matching the tone and symmetry with surprisingly natural results.

Types of Skin Spots and How Micropigmentation Can Help

Due to an exhaustive medical-aesthetic protocol and our exclusive micropigmentation method, we offer visibly significant results that restore naturalness to the affected area, not only reconstructing it optically, but also reducing the size and thickness of the scars and improving the tone, texture and luminosity of the skin.

Choice of colour

A correct choice of colour, together with a refined micropigmentation technique are the basis of our method to guarantee the most natural results.

Contraindicated scars

Dark or reddish scars, recent and unstabilised scars, keloid and fibrous scars or very extensive areas.

Consult your technician

The objective is to neutralise the whitish colour of the scar by applying a pigment with a customised colour for each case, which simulates the colour of the surrounding skin.


Treatment of Poland Syndrome

At Omicroart we treat Poland syndrome, a congenital disorder that affects the development of the pectoralis major muscle and the breast.

Micropigmentation can improve the appearance of both nipples, visually balancing the affected pectoral muscle and camouflaging scars.

Scars after surgery

It is essential to note that in situations where the areola is very light and almost translucent, working only on the contour can produce a slightly darker result. To completely camouflage the scar, it is advisable to tattoo the areola in its entirety, thus allowing a subtle increase in color, preserving its delicate and natural appearance.

Is it possible to camouflage scars with permanent make-up?


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Micropigmentación mamaria


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Micropigmentación mamaria