Can a micropigmentation treatment be removed?


Yes, pioneering, state-of-the-art lasers are now available to remove tattoos in pico- and nano-second emission. The best known are the Q-switched Neodymium Yag laser and the Picoway. The wavelength influences the type of colour it can remove and the power and accuracy influence the number of shots. The greater the precision, the lower the risk of burns and the fewer sessions required.

And thanks to these latest technologies, the removal of micropigmentation is painless.

How many sessions are required to remove micropigmentation?

It will depend on the depth and the pigment used. Fortunately, and unlike conventional tattooing, micropigmentation is carried out on more superficial layers of the skin, and consequently, its removal is faster. A maximum of three sessions will be sufficient to completely eliminate the treatment.

It is important to highlight that darker pigments require fewer sessions than lighter pigments, and that white is one of the pigments that cannot be removed by laser. There are certain pigments that turn a different colour during the removal process until they disappear completely.

How long does it take between laser sessions to remove micropigmentation? And when a new treatment could be carried out.

The skin needs between 20 and 40 days to regenerate, until then the final result of the session cannot be perceived, nor is it advisable to carry out any additional removal sessions. During this period it is important to apply regenerating cream and to protect it from the sun +50.

You will have to wait at least 40 days for your skin to fully regenerate before you can start a new treatment.

When is the best time to remove micropigmentation by laser?

It can be performed at any time of the year as long as post-treatment care is carried out properly. Please note that you should avoid exposure to sun and water, in Spain the month of August is the least appropriate.

Which are the recommended centres for the removal of micropigmentation treatment?

  • SENZA TATTOO (Hospitalet y Sabadell): Telephone 664 51 98 72, prices from 49€ to 120€, with the option of buying 3-session vouchers.
  • TATTOO CLEANERS (Barcelona): Telephone 616 07 02 49, prices from 39€/session.
  • CENTRO MÉDICO SONOMED (Terrassa y Tarragona): Telephone 93 395 74 05. Prices vary according to size, from €55 to €150/session.
  • BORRATATU – TEAM BEAUTY (Barcelona): Telephone 657 17 70 37, prices from 45€/session
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