Oncological Micropigmentation

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Micropigmentation of areolas

We reconstruct the nipple-areola complex in 3D by means of a meticulous semi-permanent make-up work that we carry out with a dermographer to insert the pigment. The process starts by choosing the right design and colours, taking into account the light and shade.


We reproduce Montgomery’s glands, nipple folds and even capillaries. We achieve results that are very close to reality.

Omicroart’s areola micropigmentation treatment is a painless, non-invasive technique that does not inflame or damage the skin.

Do areola tattoos hurt? What are the levels of pain for each case?

How is breast micropigmentation performed?

Micropigmentation of natural eyes and eyebrows

We offer the possibility of micropigmenting a subtle line in the area of the upper and lower eyelashes to visually recreate them, taking into account at all times the needs and facial features to achieve a natural result. In the case of absence
of hair, we can recreate the appearance of the eyebrows thanks to a detailed work of hair by hair micropigmentation and the application of a light shading.

The sensitivity and commitment we establish with our patients allow us to create a climate where personal well-being and active listening prevail. Omicroart’s priority is you.

We help you to rebuild and beautify your body.

Micropigmentación mamaria


Omicroart micropigmentacion estetica


Micropigmentación mamaria