Aesthetic Micropigmentation

High technology focused on achieving natural results.

Aesthetic micropigmentation allows us to correct, fill, or optically redefine certain parts of the face, such as eyelashes, eyebrows, or lips.
At Omicroart, we offer simple and painless treatments with natural and long-lasting results.

Permanent Eyeliner

Aesthetic micropigmentation provides tailored solutions for various needs by employing a refined and natural filling technique between eyelashes. This process fills gaps between eyelashes, enhancing their density, volume, and color.

We offer the option of micropigmenting a precise and well-executed permanent eye outline, commonly referred to as ‘eyeliner’. This technique corrects the eye’s shape, adds aesthetic appeal, and frames the gaze, resulting in an attractive and highly expressive appearance.

Additionally, we can perform micropigmentation on a discreet line in the area of the lower eyelashes, visually recreating them while consistently considering facial needs and characteristics to achieve a natural outcome.

How long does permanent make-up last?

Types of Eye Liner Styles


Lashline Eyeliner

The most discreet eyeliner style involves filling in the gaps between the eyelashes, aiming to simulate denser, thicker, and darker lashes.

Chic Eyeliner

Chic Eyeliner involves tattooing a thin and delicate outline on the upper lash line, with a subtle and elegant winged finish to elongate the gaze. The thickness and length can be customized to suit your preferences.

Soft Eyeliner

This technique consists of a delicate line on the upper lash line with a soft and subtle gradient, creating a natural and discreet appearance that will be permanent. You can choose the desired shade for this style.

Shadow Eyeliner

For the more daring individuals, this technique involves tattooing the eyeliner with a bold and elegant gradient, resembling a beautiful eye shadow effect. You can achieve this look using shades of brown, green, or a range of grays.

Types of Soft Eyeliner


Black Soft Eyeliner

The eyeliner with a gradient from black creates a very elegant result

Correction of Droopy Eye with Thin Soft Eyeliner

In cases of droopy eyes, a thin soft eyeliner can achieve the effect of a more open gaze by raising the wing before reaching the end of the eye. Additionally, the gradient provides a very elegant result.

Two-tone Soft Eyeliner

The eyeliner with shading in black and brown provides a daring result with a stylish finish

Correction of Droopy Eye with Thick Soft Eyeliner

For those with sunken eyes, opting for a thick soft eyeliner with a thicker gradient can provide a more expressive gaze, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated look.

Aftercare procedures after an eyeliner tattoo

Types of Eyebrow Micropigmentation

Supreme Brows

3D Eyebrow Micropigmentation is an ideal technique for normal to dry skin with total or partial absence of hair. It offers a hyper-realistic 3D result by combining different textures, densities, and shades of "hair by hair" strokes, with a subtle powdered effect, resulting in a natural look. This technique not only recreates the appearance of lost hair but also improves and redefines the eyebrow shape, correcting imperfections and asymmetry.

Shadow Powder Brows

Powder Eyebrow Micropigmentation is the ideal technique for oily, thick, mature, or dermatologically affected skin. It involves applying a soft gradient shading effect, simulating a powdered eyebrow makeup, resulting in a velvety and smooth appearance. This technique achieves natural and harmonious results that are long-lasting, making it perfect for this skin type.

Hair-Stroke Eyebrows

Hair-Stroke Eyebrows involves recreating and imitating the natural appearance of lost hair with different densities and volumes, achieving a three-dimensional effect. This technique enhances the gaze and produces delicate and natural-looking results. However, it is not recommended for overly oily, dark, or thick skin, or for eyebrows that are already too full or have very thick hair. It's important to select the appropriate technique based on individual skin types.

How to identify the skin type and how it affects eyebrow tattoos

Supreme Brows

Lip Micropigmentation

Over time, our lips may lose their natural pigment, becoming dull and brownish.

Lip micropigmentation is a technique used to redefine the lip contour and improve its color, giving it a fuller and more vital appearance.

This technique can also help to conceal small wrinkles, asymmetries, and enhance volume, while adapting to individual facial characteristics.

Watercolor Lip Micropigmentation on Scarred Lips Result

Process of Lip Micropigmentation


When the lips have lost definition and the natural color of the mucosa, full lip micropigmentation with a watercolor effect is the solution.


The treatment results immediately after completion are typically 60-80% darker and more saturated than the final result after healing.


The result is more defined lips with enhanced volume, better color, a healthier appearance, and improved hydration.


Scalp Micropigmentation and Scar Camouflage

Our advanced scalp micropigmentation techniques serve as a complementary treatment to hair transplants, providing optical hair density in cases of partial or total hair loss.

We achieve a natural-looking result by creating an optical illusion with microdots of varying thickness and intensity, using natural pigment to achieve an optimal 3D simulation of natural hair growth. Our techniques are designed to address areas with the least density to create an effect of increased density and a natural appearance.

In addition to repopulating hair, scalp micropigmentation treatments can also camouflage scars, providing a uniform and natural-looking result.

At our clinic, we prioritize patient satisfaction and use the latest techniques and technology to ensure successful outcomes for our patients.

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