Aesthetic Micropigmentation

High technology focused on achieving natural results.

Cosmetic micropigmentation allows us to optically correct, fill in or redefine certain parts of the face, such as eyelashes, eyebrows or lips.
At Omicroart, we offer simple and painless treatments with natural and long-lasting results.

Micropigmentation of the eyes

Results adapted to all needs, by means of an elegant and natural filler between the eyelashes, micropigmentation of the gaps between the eyelashes, improving their density, volume and colour. A fine and well-drawn permanent eyeliner, known as eyeliner.

It corrects the shape of the eye, beautifies and frames the eyes, making them much more attractive and giving them maximum expressiveness.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows

Ideal in cases of total or partial absence of hair or the need to improve their shape by means of a thorough eyebrow design. With our hair-by-hair technique with hyper-realistic 3D results plus subtle shading, we not only manage to optically recreate the lost hair by filling in the gaps, but we also manage to improve and define their shape as well as correcting imperfections and asymmetries.

We manage to create eyebrows with a shape more suited to your features that reinforce your expression and frame your gaze. We conceal small wrinkles, asymmetries and improve their volume, adapting them at all times to your facial features.

Micropigmentation of the lips

Over the years, our lips lose their natural pigmentation and become duller and browner.

We redefine the contours of the lips and improve their colour, giving them a full and vital appearance.

We conceal small wrinkles, asymmetries and improve its volume, adapting it at all times to the facial characteristics.

Process Micropigmentation of the lips​


When the lips have lost definition and the natural colour of the mucosa, full lip micropigmentation with a watercolour effect is the solution.


The recent treatment is always between 60% and 80% darker and more saturated than the final result once it is healed.


The result is a more defined lips, with more volume, better colour, with a healthier and hydrated appearance.

Hair micropigmentation and camouflage scars

Our advanced techniques in hair micropigmentation respond as a complementary treatment to transplants, offering optical hair repopulation in cases of partial or total alopecia.

We succeed to create an optical illusion with which we can obtain an effect of density and a very natural look in the most unpopulated areas. We use natural colour pigments creating microdots of different thicknesses and intensities to obtain an optimal 3D simulation of natural hair follicle growth.

With hair micropigmentation treatments, we can camouflage scars, obtaining a homogeneous and very natural result

We help you to rebuild and beautify your body.

Micropigmentación mamaria


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Micropigmentación mamaria