Which should I do first: micropigmentation, Botox or hyaluronic filler?

Most of the time, our patients have doubts about the order in which it is most convenient to undergo each of the treatments. And the answer is always the same: 

First the treatment or intervention will be applied. 

And then the micropigmentation or tattooing.

This answer is not a random one, there are arguments to justify it. In surgery or in a hyaluronic acid filler, volumes are going to be removed, remodelled or changed. The same is applicable when other techniques such as Botox are applied. Each of these interventions could totally change the design, it is always necessary to carry out the surgeries or treatments first and leave the micropigmentations or tattoos for last place.

The micropigmentation will be applied according to the shape and volume obtained, enhancing areas and minimising small asymmetries in order to harmonise the area and achieve a perfect result.

As a result of these procedures, a modification in the relief and texture of the skin is produced which affects the micropigmentation pattern. To ensure that the finish is really what you want, we must work on the final appearance of the face. In addition, in this way we can enhance the changes obtained with the surgery or the filler, soften any small asymmetries that may have occurred and harmonise the changes as a whole.

Responses to specific cases

These are the questions shared by many of our patients:

  • What should I do first: eyebrow microblading or blepharoplasty? 

First of all, blepharoplasty so that the eye takes its definitive shape on which to draw eyebrows that are proportionate and in the right position.

  • What should I do first: eyeliner or blepharoplasty? 

After blepharoplasty surgery, eyeliner is applied.

  • What should I do first: lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid or lip micropigmentation? 

Once the lips have the definitive volume, it is time to outline and give a definitive shape with micropigmentation.

  • What should I do first: nipple implant/reconstruction or micropigmentation? 

First of all, you must have nipple reconstruction.

Other matters to be taken into account

In addition to the order in which the different techniques should be practised, there are two other issues that you need to keep in mind since they are essential for optimal results.

The interval of time to wait. 

The surgeries and aesthetic treatments we are referring all involve processes of regeneration and scarring of the tissues and skin. It is therefore essential to wait for a period of time before applying micropigmentation. It always depends on each patient, but the usual interval is two months of repose for aesthetic treatments and 3 months for surgical interventions. This is the way to guarantee that the micropigmentation design fits perfectly with the definitive shape of your face or body.

Choosing experienced professionals.

Only a specialist can assess your circumstances and guide you on the steps you should take. At Omicroart we are at your complete disposal to answer any questions you may have about micropigmentation and to offer you a personalised solution, adapted to your situation.

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