How long does permanent make-up last?

maquillaje permanente

The technique of aesthetic micropigmentation has evolved incredibly in recent years, both in the naturalness and quality of the results as well as in their duration.

However, although it is also known as permanent make-up, the truth is that it is not a permanent treatment, it loses intensity and definition over time. There are different factors that determine how long permanent make-up will last, which should be explained to you by the professional before applying it.

Duration of permanent make-up

It is important to bear in mind that the type of skin is a determining factor to obtain good results in micropigmentation treatments, as well as its location. In practice, the duration of a treatment can vary, from 2 to more than 10 years. Although it is also important to note that, on many occasions, a slight touch-up of the permanent make-up is enough to maintain it for a long time.

And, as we mentioned, the durability of the results is very different depending on the type of skin and the area where it is being applied. 

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is one of the most popular treatments, especially among those who want to be “dressed up” every day. With this technique, a more seductive look is created without having to apply make-up on the eyes. Micropigmentation is carried out on the superficial layers of the skin, which is why the intensity of the colour fades over time.

The deep black colour will last between 1 and 3 years, depending on skin type, but the eyeliner will last a lifetime.

Permanent eyebrow make-up

There are different techniques, micropigmentation or microblading of eyebrows. And their duration depends on which one is used. In this article you can find out more about the differences.

  • El microblading dura menos que la micropigmentación de cejas.
  • La micropigmentación de cejas pelo a pelo dura unos 2-3 años de media, y proporciona un resultado muy similar a las cejas naturales.
  • El sombreado de cejas (shading) es la técnica de maquillaje que consigue una mayor duración en pieles grasas. Su duración es siempre superior, ya que va desapareciendo de forma uniforme durante los 3 años posteriores a su aplicación.

En todos los casos, la clave de la duración del maquillaje permanente de cejas depende directamente de:

  • Skin type: it always lasts less on oily skin.
  • Lifestyle: constant exposure to the sun and sweating accelerate eyebrow discolouration.
  • Skin care routine: certain cosmetics contribute to depigmentation. Such as applying facial moisturisers with chemical exfoliants such as Retinol or Glycolic Acid.
  • Frequency of retouches: make-up lasts longer if small defects are retouched as they appear, between 1 and 3 years.

Permanent lip make-up

With lip micropigmentation, we not only improve and unify the colour of the lips, but we also create a sensation of volume, balance symmetry and conceal imperfections and wrinkles.

Duration: 3 to 5 years, but with regular touch-ups it can easily be extended to 10 years.

Micropigmentation of hair

An excellent technique to improve the optical density effect of hair in areas where baldness or hair depopulation is visible.

Duration: between 4 and 6 years, after which time discolouration begins and retouching is recommended.

Omicroart guarantees the maximum durability of your permanent make-up.

In our centres we first analyse the characteristics of each patient individually. This assessment allows us to applying the most appropriate technique and, as a result, to optimise the duration of the permanent make-up.

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