Differences between microblading and micropigmentation for eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most distinctive and representative elements of our face. An indicator of emotions that gives our eyes expression and personality. Loss of hair, density, and lack of shape make many women feel insecure as they have lost their natural facial expression.

Thanks to the new techniques of microblading and micro-pigmentation of eyebrows, beautiful, well-defined and very natural looking eyebrows can be restored. They will once again have perfect volume and will have regained their symmetry, giving strength and expressiveness to your eyes.

Different techniques for eyebrow reconstruction

Microblading and micropigmentation are two techniques of semi-permanent make-up which allow rebuild, enhance and redefine the shape of the eyebrows, correcting imperfections and asymmetries.

Both treatments use the application of colour pigments. that are introduced between the different layers of the skin. A technique similar to tattooing, but with important differences.

Are microblading and micropigmentation techniques for eyebrows safe?

Microblading and micropigmentation are two non-invasive and painless techniques that heal relatively quickly. They enhance the natural appearance of the eyebrows and the face as a whole.

Differences between microblading and micropigmentation of eyebrows

Microblading Micropigmentation

Which one to choose and which one is right for me?

The main difference between microblading and eyebrow micropigmentation resides in the way it is applied, although it is not the only difference.

Microblading of eyebrows

Eyebrow microblading is performed using a small plastic or metal pen similar to a scalpel (“micro” small, “blading” blades), with which small incisions are made in the skin to design the fine lines that simulate the shape of the hair pattern or shading.

It is important to highlight that the microblading technique performed by unqualified personnel could cause pain and bleeding, causing lesions or keloids on the skin.

Another important aspect to bear in mind is that microblading is not recommended to be used on mature, sensitive, thin, delicate or atopic skin.

Increased trauma for the skin
Patients who have tried both techniques say microblading is more painful.
It is not recommended for mature, sensitive, thin and atopic skin. Do not treat on eyes, lips, areolas and scars.
It lasts between 3 months and 1 year.
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Micropigmentation of eyebrows

The process of eyebrow micropigmentation is carried out using a digital device which is called a “dermographer“. It uses nanoneedles by which the pigment is inserted in different layers of the skin. You can regulate the speed and depth of the needle’s work. It has a wide variety of nanoneedles by which the pigment is inserted into the different layers of the skin.

This technique provides volume, hides imperfections and defines the original shape of the eyebrow, and due to the fact that it recreates different volumes, textures and densities of hair, it allows a greater sense of realism to be obtained.

As it is more precise, it also has a longer durability, and although it will depend on each type of skin, in general we can state that micropigmentation can last from 1 to 3 years.

Causes less trauma to the skin
Patients who have tried both techniques report that it is more painful than the other
It can be applied to mature, sensitive, atopic and even traumatised skin. It is also used on eyes, lips, areolas and scars.
The duration of the results lasts between 1 and 3 years.
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Which technique do we choose at Omicroart?

At Omicroart we are committed to eyebrow micropigmentation as one of the safest, most precise and versatile techniques. at the present time. It allows hair-by-hair application and the recreation of a precise shading that gives the desired density to the eyebrow.

Micropigmentation, unlike microblading, is also applied as semi-permanent make-up for eyeliner, rejuvenation and colour matching of the lips, camouflage of scars and wonderful areola reconstruction work.

For this reason, we usually use micropigmentation as the main technique and treatment for eyebrow reconstruction.

The results of a good microblading or micropigmentation work will depend on the abilities and skills of the professional who is performing it, the type of skin and the post-treatment care.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows at Omicroart

With our exclusive micropigmentation eyebrow technique “Supreme Brows” in which different textures, densities and shades of “hair by hair” and a subtle powder effect are combined with hyper-realistic 3D results, we not only manage to optically recreate the lost hair, but we also manage to improve and redefine the shape of the eyebrow, while correcting irregularities and asymmetries.

Thanks to eyebrow micropigmentation, we are able to conceal small wrinkles, scars or asymmetries, improving their volume and adapting it to the facial characteristics of each person.

At Omicroart, we are very aware that the face is the mirror of the soul; therefore, we always work with extreme delicacy so that you obtain the maximum naturalness in the results.

Request an appointment without any commitment if you need more information or advice about our micropigmentation treatments and camouflage your scars.