Aftercare procedures after an eyeliner tattoo


Eyeliner micropigmentation is an ideal technique for those who want to enhance the depth of their eyes with a make-up effect. It is also recommended if you want to recover the density and colour in the eyelash area, which over time are lost due to medical treatments or age.

To obtain excellent results, it is necessary to follow a series of aftercare steps after eyeliner.

What care should be taken after an eyeliner

It is important to follow the rules of hygiene of the affected area until the inflammation, skin and itching disappear. It is recommended:

  • Keep eyes clean and dry. Do not apply any type of soap, make-up remover or eye contour for one week.
  • Do not do any sport for at least 5 days.
  • Do not wet the area at all within 48 hours and for one week avoid prolonged direct contact with water.
  • Sleep on face up the same day of treatment to avoid possible inflammation or infection.
  • Apply the healing cream recommended by your technician twice a day.
  • Avoid touching the area to avoid infection that could cause conjunctivitis.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Wear a hat or sunglasses for at least 7 days.
  • In case of persistent itching in the eye area, contact your eye care professional.

We recommend wearing swimming glasses when showering, so you don’t have to worry about it.

What is the healing process after eyeliner?

When we do eyeliner, we must bear in mind that it is a slightly invasive procedure for our skin and therefore requires a healing period. We will not see the final result until it is completely healed.

First 3 days

Slightly swollen skin in the treated area. In most cases the swelling disappears within a few hours, in others it may take up to the second or third day. If there is some itching, which is normal, it is a sign that the healing process has begun.

The skin dries out and may peel slightly (just like sunburned skin). This happens because the outer layers of skin that have been affected by the treatment are falling off to create new skin. In order not to damage the result of the treatment it is very important not to remove the skins at any time. They have to fall off on their own, so that the colour will look much darker.

Days 5 to 10

Excess pigment disappears around the fifth day. It is removed by the epidermis itself. This makes the colour appear softer and with less thickness than when it was applied. Sometimes we will even have the sensation that the treatment has disappeared.

However, after 4 weeks, when the skin finishes the natural physiological healing process, we will notice that the colour reappears with a more natural result.

Days 11 to 14

By this time, the swelling, itching and scaling have completely disappeared.

Days 15 to 40

The colour will gradually recover its darkness until it has completely normalised. After this period, the best thing to do is to return to the consultation to see if any retouching is necessary.

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