How is breast micropigmentation performed?

Breast micropigmentation is a revolutionary, simple and minimally invasive technique that corrects or camouflages imperfections and restores the natural beauty of this part of our anatomy.  

It is usually associated with mastectomies caused by oncological treatments. However, it can help people with different types of pathological processes, whether these are acquired or congenital. 

What is breast micropigmentation and how is it performed?

According to the words of Olga Grande, a specialist in oncological, paramedical and aesthetic micropigmentation and a graduate in Art and Design, this technique makes it possible to optically reconstruct the nipple-areola complex by applying colours and shades to obtain results that are closer to reality. 

  • A dermographer is used to apply breast micropigmentation, a digital device that inserts the pigment through a nano needle under the epidermis, i.e. the first layer of the skin. Each of the pigments recreates the natural colour of a healthy areola with the three-dimensional drawing technique, so that it appears real to the naked eye.
  • Breast micropigmentation, also known as semi-permanent make-up, is a non-invasive alternative to solve the aesthetic needs of all those patients who wish to restore the appearance of their breasts. It has practically no contraindications or complications.

Frequently asked questions concerning breast micropigmentation

When a person considers the possibility of having breast micropigmentation, it is normal to have certain doubts. The most frequent are: 

Does it hurt?

It is very rare to find someone who feels pain. With this technique, patients feel a slight tingling sensation and little discomfort. Some patients have even fallen asleep during the treatment.. 

Nevertheless, if the person suffers from hypersensitivity in the area, a topical anaesthetic formulated by a medical specialist is applied and left to act before proceeding with the treatment.

Is a tattoo the same as breast micropigmentation?

No. Micropigmentation and tattoos are different in terms of:

  • Depth of application. Tattoos reach the deepest layer of the dermis, while micropigmentation deposits the pigments in the most superficial layer of the skin. 
  • Pigments. Micropigmentation uses semi-permanent pigments composed of fewer metals and a glycerine base. They are safer, their allergic reactions are practically non-existent. Tattooing, however, is done with inks derived from metals, they contain more additives and are more likely to cause allergies. 
  • Duration. While tattoos last forever, breast micropigmentation fades the intensity of its colour over time, it can last between 3 and 6 years.
Micropigmentación mamaria

Are there any grants or subsidies available?

Yes, breast micropigmentation has been approved as a procedure that is part of the breast reconstruction process according to Disposición 6277 del BOE num. 101 de 2019. (Spain).

At Omicroart, we are highly demanding in our technique and we guarantee that there is no pain during the breast micropigmentation process. We are recognised by all our patients.

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