Nipple reconstruction with micropigmentation

During the recovery process after breast cancer, women are living a new lifea daptation and acceptance stage related to physical changes in their body.

Although there are numerous plastic surgery techniques available today that can restore the volume of the affected breast, including nipple reconstruction, they alone are not sufficient to restore its original appearance. That is why after a mastectomy it is very important to restore the breast to its former appearance or, at least, to try to achieve the greatest possible similarity. This is possible thanks to the technique of areola reconstruction with micropigmentation.

Why nipple reconstruction

When we talk about nipple reconstruction, we are referring to different aesthetic techniques that allow the nipple to be recreated using tissues from the reconstructed breast.

The aim of breast reconstruction is to give women back the confidence and security they have lost after cancer, restoring their breasts to the way they were before. Once the nipples have recovered from the reconstruction process, the treatment is complemented with micropigmentation of the areolas, thus restoring the nipple to its natural appearance.

Is breast micropigmentation safe?

Yes, this technique is also much safer, more precise and effective than tattooing. In fact, areola micropigmentation offers very natural and long-lasting results over time, between three and five years.

In addition to achieving a realistic appearance in the area, breast micropigmentation helps women to recover their femininity and self-esteem after an oncological process.

What does areola micropigmentation procedure involve?

Areola micropigmentation is a painless treatment that does not require anaesthesia, is non-invasive and does not damage the skin.

Through the process of 3D breast micropigmentation, we are able to create, correct and beautify the nipples, so that women can recover their femininity.

Although it is true that some precautions must be taken after the treatment, such as not exposing yourself to the sun for at least two weeks or applying a healing cream, the recovery process is relatively simple.

Omicroart, specialists in oncological micropigmentation

At Omicroart, our aim is to guarantee maximum rigour, professionalism and ethics in each and every one of the oncological micropigmentation treatments that we perform at our centres in Barcelona and Sabadell.

We are very aware of how necessary and valuable it is for our patients to recover their aesthetic and emotional well-being after such a complicated process. That is our reason for being.

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