Semi-permanent make-up for women over 60 years of age


Can micropigmentation treatment be performed on women over 60 years of age?

An excellent news related to semi-permanent make-up is that it can be appliedwithout any age limit.. Indeed, women over 60 are perfect candidates to benefit from this innovative technique.. However, with a single premise: the specific properties of more mature skin must be taken into account, and this requires certain adjustments by the professional micropigmentation technician.

Benefits of semi-permanent make-up for older women

There is no doubt that women of all ages choose the different techniques of semi-permanent make-up in search of comfort andto be beautiful and radiant at any time of the day, without having to do one of the main attractions of this type of treatment. In addition, This saves a considerable amount of time.

But for women over 60, semi-permanent make-up means overcoming certain age-related issues. For example, loss of vision that makes it difficult to apply make-up easily, pulse instability or the appearance of hand tremors .

Semi-permanent make-up for women over 60 has an impressive positive effect on their mental wellbeing: it improves and promotes the the mental well-being of women over 60increase in self-esteem, as it helps them to reconcile with their self-image.

Which applications of semi-permanent make-up are suitable for women over 60?

Semi-permanent make-up consists on inserting pigments into the skin in order to achieve the effect of regular make-up, but in a more permanent way. Recommended applications for women with mature skin are:

The eyeliner

With semi-permanent eyeliner,, eyelashes are enhanced and a more open eye effect is achieved. The result is to renovate the gaze with larger, more feminine eyes.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows

Eyebrows have a decisive in the expressiveness and attractiveness of the eyes. Over the years, there is often a loss of thickness that blurs the overall appearance of the eyes. With eyebrow micropigmentation, mature women regain all the intensity of their gaze. For skin that is too thin, a common effect of ageing, eyebrow shading is recommended it provides better results.

Micropigmentation of the lips

The lips are another important centre of attention on the face and also an area where the signs of ageing show up early. In addition to the appearance of expression wrinkles or loss of volume, loss of mucosal colour is one of the most striking signs. Semi-permanent make-up allows redefine contours, correct asymmetries, restore the natural tone of the lip mucosa and even create the sensation of volume..

The camouflage of thinning hair

Alopecia is not just a men’s problem, in fact, women with thinning hair feel very stigmatised. With semi-permanent make-up, you can achieve a hair redensifying effect with very natural results..

Omicroart is committed to mature women

Semi-permanent make-up adapted to women over 60 is one of the priorities we offer in our centres. We treat each woman in a personalised way, studying the characteristics of your skin and, considering your preferences, we will propose the technique that will give you the best results.

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